About Us

Who We Are:

The Greater Gamers Lounge is a growing community of adults who enjoy playing games and sharing those experiences with others. We have members from around the globe, but most are within the continental United States. Anyone (18+) is welcome to join.

GGL began in April of 2016, when founders @kringeth000 and @Dracco migrated to Discord from a small Mumble server that @kringeth000 ran. Over the past few years, our community has grown from about 10 people to well over 200. What started as a small group of extended friends turned into a community of many people with different tastes in games; we've even started clans/guilds in several popular games.



Co-Founder - @kringeth000
  • Excessive dad jokes

  • Quotes obscure Vines

  • Fixer of broken things


Co-Founder - @Dracco
  • Mad Quick-Scopes

  • Definitely will 1v1 you

  • Might be a bot



Administrator - @Hellfire
  • Probably right behind you

  • Will do anything with mic open


Administrator - @Happyarisol
  • Will scream louder than you

  • Thinks he's 100% Fergalicious